You are walking down a street. You have no recollection at all of when you started or why.
A shop catches your eye. It's the only one that catches your eye, actually.
Every other building on this street is utterly nondescript and void of any real distinguishing
features, like they are all exactly the same. You notice they are all empty
except for this one, the lights are on but there is not a soul in sight for as far as you can
see and there is absolutely zero movement anywhere. The trees are not swaying in
the wind, because the air is completely still. It is also entirely silent. You almost feel like
you aren't outside. There is a boy in the window of the shop doing various tasks.
You assume he is the owner of this shop.

The quaint-enough looking store has a sign on the door that says "Open Eternally (because time does not exist here, as you know)".
You did not know that. You do not even know where you are.
Above the door, there is a sign that says
"Solipsist's Antiques * Contemporary Folk Museum and Gift Shop"
The street seems to stretch on forever. It feels so vast and you feel so small.
You are unnerved and feel antsy to get to somewhere your brain deems as "safe".
Would you like to enter the shop?

(Click on the door to enter.)