You hear a bell jingle as you open the door. The boy who was working snaps his head towards you and very faintly smiles while squinting. He stops what he's doing and gets behind the checkout and presumably, customer service counter.
"Hello," his voice rings out throughout the space. It takes you a little bit by surprise, after traversing empty, silent streets for so long. "Welcome to my little corner. How was the journey? Relaxing, right? The weather is great this time of year."
The sound of his speech echos, imploding on itself, and you can't tell if that's just how they sound or if it's the acoustics in this place. Either way, it makes you feel a little bit nauseated. "This time of year" escapes your mind, and you can't seem to remember when it is, but judging based off of the weather it seems to be fall or winter.
"It was okay, I was on autopilot. This is a little awkward, but I'm lost. Where... is this place? I don't recognize anything around."

"Aren't we all, hahaha," they echo, "I don't really know how to explain here to you. Comphrehension of space and time works a bit differently where you're from. Those things don't matter here. The best I can give you is: currently, you are in my store. You will be in my store until it is time for you to leave. That is out of your control, as it is out of mine. Why not get comfy, take a look around. " and his voice overlays with itself, as if he's saying two words at once, "have coffee, quite a great selection actually. And pastries. There's a cafe. There's a lot in here, you'd be surprised."
Something about him is very disarming. You accept his vague explanation.
"Alright. I'll... have a look around then."
Now you are faced with many a choice! Oh, where to go.

DIRECTORY (click the title of the room you would like to enter):

The cafe
Answer some questions, and get a fortune in your drink.

The taxidermy museum
oddities from around the world.

The archives
an archive of things relating to The Solipsist.

The suggestions and complaints box
the guestbook.